Luke Jurgens

Chief Remote Pilot / Director

With a long family history of farming in the region, NQ Aerovation was established by Chief Remote Pilot Luke Jurgens to improve traditionally laborious practices on the family farm. Today, Luke has a vision to leverage agricultural technologies to deliver North Queensland new levels of performance and productivity.

John Fleming – FPV Australia

Chief Remote Instructor

John is the CEO of FPV Australia – Australia’s longest serving drone training school. John comes from a long established career in the drone industry and heads NQ Aerovation’s training team as Chief Instructor. With his Diploma in Training and Design, John created a course to train individuals on the use and legal requirements for flying multi-rotor aircraft commercially in Australia, and gained CASA approval to deliver this course in September of 2014. Somewhat a pioneer in this Australian drone industry, John continues to push forward as an advocate for drone safety, developing all of FPV Australia’s training programs.

Stephan Burger

Chief Electrical Engineer

Stephen has successfully integrated new technology in companies from China to Australia. Stephen’s research and analysis to identify challenges is integral, leading innovative design and product development with a goal of improving UAV capabilities and performance, delivering safe and effective UAV solutions for North Queensland.

Gillian Russell

Business Development Officer

With a vision for change to drive innovation and sustainability, Gillian was appointed CEO in 2021. Results-driven, Gillian pro-actively engages in all aspects of business management. An accomplished entrepreneur, Gillian is capable of identifying new opportunities and partnering with outside professionals to enhance our service delivery.